Accelerating the transition to sustainable materials

Uniquely leveraging computational modelling and clean technologies to enable a green revolution – next-gen, nature derived alternatives to intentionally added single-use plastic ingredients in consumer products
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There are non-renewable polymeric ingredients in products we use daily.

Greenitio is building platform technology to develop Bio-based Ingredients Replacing Microplastics And Polymeric Ingredients

Consumer preferences

Demand for organic and natural alternatives has surged in post-pandemic time

Companies’ 2030 Commitment

Companies’ have internal commitments to replace 90-95% of their polymer to green alternatives


Regulators are proposing stricter laws to force industries to switch to sustainable options.

Greenitio Chemistries To Click Together Different Groups

But Polymer Ingredient Substitutes Are Scarce

We Design And Synthesize Sustainable, Functional Ingredients/ Excipients By Combining Proprietary Green Chemistry And Computer Simulation – Filling The Gap With Next-Generation Green Materials.

Lack of natural and sustainable alternatives with similar performance and cost to polymer ingredients restricts the industry from going green.

Unavailability of Biogenic Alternatives

Over 90% of 500+ polymer ingredients have no suitable biogenic replacement.

Natural biopolymers are random and not designed to replace a highly engineered synthetic polymer.

Inferior performance

Existing natural biopolymers often face challenges due to inferior performance, poor stability, and incompatibility with the final formulation, which results in higher R&D and reformulation costs.

We understand the importance of harmonizing effectiveness with sustainability. That's why our functional ingredients have been designed to provide long-lasting solutions while being non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for both people and the environment.

Our Products Have A Wide Range Of Applications Across Various Industries

Cosmetics Personal & Baby Care

Home care

Food and food preservation



Our story

As young PhD scientists with young children, we have experienced both the amazing power of science but also the horrible impact on our planet from human activity over the past few decades.

However, we remain optimistic that purpose-rooted human ingenuity and the power of technology can be combined to become catalysts for meaningful change and impact.

One such issue we are dealing with as humanity is single-use plastics. The multi-trillion dollar consumer goods market globally is full of intentionally added and often invisible microplastics into everyday products like shampoos, skin creams, and home care. They help improve performance, shelf-life and appearance. Even the ‘shine’ on the hair from shampoos/conditioners comes from silicon added to shampoos and conditioners, which gets flushed down into our water systems after the shower. These microplastics and polymer ingredients end up inside our food, water and even skin! Therefore, starting 2027, the EU is banning 500+ varieties of intentionally added microplastics and polymer ingredients, of which ]90% have no alternatives. Other regions are sure to follow.

We feel that rather than fighting against nature, we should let nature lead the way! Nature has been refining its chemistry and biology for billions of years, and we have much to learn from it. Therefore, we have successfully developed fully biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients that can replace harmful microplastic and polymer ingredients found in a range of products without compromising performance or cost. We leverage the power of our proprietary AI-based system to custom-manufacture bio-based polymers for companies, helping them accelerate speed to market and meet regulatory timelines without suffering from lost revenue.

Our innovative products are not only sustainable but also meet the high standards of the industry, with several large multinationals in the FMCG industry working with us already. We believe that by working together, we can create a better and more sustainable future for all.

We invite you to learn more about our products and solutions and join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future.

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