Our products have diverse applications across multiple industries, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet varying needs

Our Story

In the realm of sustainable materials, Greenitio stands as a trailblazer, fusing innovation and environmental consciousness. Founded in 2021 by Dr. Amit Kumar Khan and Dr. Susmita Roy, Greenitio is a sustainable materials development company specialising in bio-based, biodegradable specialty ingredients. The founders’ journey, rooted in a profound passion for nature, led them to explore the vast potential of specialty polymeric ingredients, particularly in pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

The Solution

Faced with the environmental impact of petrochemicals, the duo identified a crucial market gap— the need for sustainable options without compromising performance. This realisation gave birth to Greenitio, dedicated to developing next-generation biopolymers alternatives to specialty petrochemicals. Leveraging a powerful AI engine, Greenitio customises molecules for diverse applications, from cosmetics to food, pharma to agriculture.

The Market Opportunity

The global specialty chemical market, exceeding $700 billion, underscores the immense market potential. The market for plant-based functional biopolymers is experiencing significant growth, with a CAGR of 22.8%. A growing consumer preference for sustainable alternatives and shifting regulatory trends, such as the EU’s ban on intentionally added microplastics and other harmful petrochemicals, heighten the massive demand for eco-friendly alternatives.

Why Greenitio?

Greenitio's engineered biopolymer offers enhanced performance that surpasses the current limitations of natural biopolymers.
A true alternative to petrochemicals, providing premium quality at an affordable price.

The Difference

Greenitio is armed with a highly differentiated technology, novel molecules, a robust IP strategy, and key industry partnerships, de-risking technical challenges using Cost-effective, energy-efficient processes.

Greenitio offers a plethora of benefits to companies:


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Our advanced biopolymers are

Recognition & Engagement

Recognition & Engagement

We work with some of the world’s leading brands on their cosmetics and personal care products to cost-effectively meet their quality standards, along with their regulatory and sustainability commitments.

We’re looking to scale

Having secured pre-seed funding from Entrepreneur First, strategic investors Anil Jain, Anita Jain, and Sebastian Mueller, Greenitio is now raising US$3 million in seed capital to propel commercial sales, anticipated to commence in Q3 2024.

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