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Founders and Directors

Amit Kumar Khan

Amit Kumar Khan

CEO, Co-founder, Director

PhD in biomaterials engineering with 10 years of combined industrial and academic work experience, specialising in biopolymers, biomaterials self-assembly, formulation, and commercialization. Worked for an early-stage biotech startup. Led product development, streamlined core R&D pipelines, liaised with regulatory filling, and built and managed a team. Raise funds for his startup. Author of 6 patents and 4 international journals.
Susmita Roy

Susmita Roy

CTO, Co-founder, Director

PhD in Chemistry with 10 years of research experience, specializing in green chemistry, material synthesis, and green methodology development. She collaborated with industry partners for various product development. Founded a startup. Led R&D teams and successfully published 12 international journals in green chemistry development, CO2 capture and utilization and other sustainable modalities.

Anil Jain

Director, Business development, Scaleup, and manufacturing advisor 
A first-generation entrepreneur and seasoned investor with a focus on the sustainability, health, and wellness sector. Since completing his Chartered Accountancy course in 1986, he has built a business with a turnover of 3 billion rupees, with plans to reach 10 billion by 2023. His portfolio includes nutrition, pharmaceuticals, research services, GLAS, finished products under the BodyFirst and Truhealthy brands, and contract manufacturing of nutrition powders and probiotics. With a reputation for quality and innovation, he is committed to supporting the startups he invests in and providing them with the resources they need to succeed.


Rahul Malhotra

Business development, strategy and marketing advisor
Over a 28-year career so far with Procter & Gamble and Shell, have led several multi-billion dollars, global businesses as P&L head and helped shape the destiny of several global brands (e.g. Shell, Pampers, Vicks, Metamucil, Whisper/Always, Tide, Ariel, Olay). Have lived in the US / UK / Japan / India / Singapore / Switzerland & managed businesses on all continents.
Bert Grobben

Bert Grobben

Business development, product innovation, go-to-market strategy advisor
Biomedical PhD, and an innovation track record across Health related domains, he is now also supporting SMEs and Startups on early-stage business model innovation, defining and optimising product-market-fit and go-to-market strategy and designing product experiences. A senior Corporate Global Open Innovation leader, a serial Entrepreneur, and an Ironman Triathlete. He is passionate about Healthy living and preventative Health. His extensive experience with both Corporates and Startups makes him particularly well-suited to build ecosystems where early-stage Deeptech can make its way into a Corporate portfolio.
Sebastian Mueller

Sebastian Mueller

Business development advisor
Advisory & Mentorship, work with Fortune500 corporations, SME and start-ups, to help them seize the opportunities they have to create a brighter future for us all.

Debashish Mukherjee

Technical Advisor  
PhD in computational materials and soft matter physics with 20+ years of academic research and industry collaboration experience. Author of 48 international journals in computational materials fields, polymer materials, self-assembly

Scott Chaplin

Business development, strategy and marketing advisor
Executive commercial leader in the Flavor and Fragrance industry with over 30 years experience. Leading the commercial value proposition in the industry with strategic focus on introducing new technologies, new products & services to differentiate your company versus the competition. Commercial focus on global CPG food & beverage, global and local Flavor & Fragrance, cosmetics, personal and home care, Biotech and nutraceutical companies.


Business Operation Advisor 
Experience across both growth and start up organizations, Worked across diverse industries; passionate about customer experience; self-motivated and a collaborative team player. Accomplished track record of identifying growth drivers, developing key partnerships & streamlining processes



Tanmoy Chatterjee

PhD in Chemistry with 5 years of research experience, specialising in material development, and green chemistry.

Zhong Rong Tanirika Majumdar

Zhong Rong
Tanirika Majumdar

Lab Intern

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