Our products have diverse applications across multiple industries, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet varying needs.

As sustainability concerns continue to grow, there is a surging demand for sustainable and non-toxic ingredients. Our company is addressing this demand by creating a platform technology that helps FMCG companies achieve their sustainability goals faster by replacing non-renewable ingredients. Our strategy centers on rapid iteration and close partnership with our customers throughout the development process. Today, our product has achieved significant traction across diverse industries and applications, showcasing the transformative potential of the right molecule and approach.

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Emulsifiers & surfactants

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Crafted for luxurious skincare and haircare regimens, Chitobela is a plant-derived versatile biopolymer developed for skincare and haircare products. Its bioactive properties fight off microbes, ageing, and acne, giving your skin and hair a rejuvenated look and feel.

Use cases: Moisturising, emulsifiers, thickeners

Bioactivity: Anti-microbial, anti ageing, anti acne

Applications: Skincare and haircare products

Sample available upon request


Chitobe is a plant-derived versatile biopolymer developed for skincare, haircare, and suncream product applications. Elevate skincare and haircare routines with a fusion of science and care in Chitobe. Complemented by its nourishing effects and film-forming capabilities. It ensures comprehensive care and also boosts UV protection.

Use cases: Film forming and conditioning

Bioactivity: Anti-microbial, anti-acne, antioxidant

Applications: Skincare, haircare, and sunscreen products

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Our Alkyl-Amino acid-based bio-surfactants are derived from natural sources and are mild and gentle on the skin and eyes. Our bio-surfactants are eco-friendly and biodegradable, making them an attractive option for formulators who prioritise sustainability.

Our Alkyl-Amino acid-based bio-surfactants can be easily customised to meet specific formulation requirements.

Some of its benefits are:

  • They have excellent skin compatibility
  • They enhance the texture of personal care products by increasing foam
  • Improved performance and environmental impact. 


Plant Protein Microcapsules technology offers a versatile platform for encapsulating various actives and functional ingredients used in nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food, and fragrance products.

Some of their benefits are:

  • They fortify and deliver hydrophobic and hydrophilic active ingredients, preserving antioxidants and flavonoids while retaining product textural and antioxidant properties.
  • Custom antimicrobial properties, making them suitable for use in preserving food and cosmetic products
  • Protect volatile actives, control water loss, and prevent oxidation
  • These microcapsules increase shelf life and maintain the acidity and pH of products.

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Plant Protein Microcapsules:

Greenitio Microcapsule Applications

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Our advanced biopolymers are

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