Spanning from synthetic green chemistry to computational materials science of macromolecules.

Our bio-based alternatives are:

Using proprietary computational modelling, we can design biopolymers that mimic synthetic polymers’ properties and functions to solve environmental concerns and business problems.

Greenitio Biogenic Manufacturing Process

green chemistry


Our process combines the finest elements of chemistry and technology. Using computational modelling and chemistry, we can design molecules that overcome the constraints of conventional non-eco-friendly chemicals and expensive fermentation pathways. By leveraging bio-based feedstocks, we can create molecules in an aqueous medium at ambient temperatures without using toxic chemicals, organic solvents or generating waste.
Green Process, Water basedGreen Process, Water basedNot Eco-friendly Process, Harsh Chemicals
Low CostHigh CostLow Cost
Low EnergyHigh EnergyHigh Energy
No WasteHigh WasteHigh Waste




Putting theory into work

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